(Morning Elective)*

In this elective we will be using watercolour to develop a working understanding and application of colour theory.

We will start off with an introduction / refresher on basics of handling watercolour, so if you are a beginner, or haven't painted for a while, don't be concerned. We won't be painting 'pictures'.

Aspects of colour that we will consider include basic colour theory; working with a colour wheel; paint, pigments & mixing; colour relationships; emotive use of colour... We'll see how far we get in the time.

A working knowledge of colour can open the door to increased freedom in emotive, symbolic and expressive use of colour, and can reduce the frustration and waste of mixing paint that ends up the 'wrong' colour.

Information and experience gained in the elective will be relevant for making artworks but also for journalling, sketching and planning across other creative pursuits.

Sharon Roberts is a contemporary Australian artist currently based in Outback Queensland. Painting in acrylics, watercolour and oils, the gesture, space and rhythm of landscape – its essence; its sense of place – is of greater concern than the depiction of a scene. Sharon understands reality to be much greater than purely physical matter, and this deeper underlying reality underpins her work. 

Sources of inspiration include colour, landscape, faith and human experience. Whilst frequently outdoors sketching from life, the majority of her exhibition paintings are completed in the studio. Sharon explores a diversity of subject matter and painting media - from smaller watercolours, gouache and oils, to larger abstracted landscapes and colour-fields.

Across her body of work, one experiences a passion for colour relationships, gesture, space and emotional connection. There is a minimising of detail, as she seeks to express the quality or idea which inspired the artwork. www.sharonrobertsart.com.au

* Please note that this elective attracts an additional add-on fee of $20 to help cover the cost of materials and equipment. Please ensure you select this add-on fee when registering online.

Water Colour is offered as a Morning Elective in 2019. Minimum and maximum registration numbers apply to all electives. Please ensure that you have indicated a second choice for both Morning and Afternoon Electives when registering online in case your first choice is unavailable.


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